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Mango delivery in Islamabad

There is only one believe in the world about the King of Fruits, it is Mango. The King of Fruits! Yes, We deliver King of Fruits Mango in Islamabad us with his full bloom and delightness, extraordinary pleasantness and exceptionally charming smell, delicate tissue with just the low fiber. FruitOye brings Mango festival 2020 in Pakistan. This season enjoy your favorite mango as sliced cut or peel it to make it pulpy or add it as toping on custard, it’s all your style. Now you can order Fresh & Juicy Mangoes of Pakistan within few clicks. So be ready and ask your friends and fellows

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Mangoes Gift Basket | Send Gift Baskets in Pakistan

We (FruitOye) can supply you best quality of fresh mangoes from Punjab & Sindh in their freshest form. The Mango harvest season starts from May to September and the leading mango variety is SINDHRI & CHAUNSA.

This fine variety is produced in the Sindh Province. It is in large size, yellow in color, fibreless, and oval shaped stone in medium size. It is very sweet in taste and has a pleasant fragrance. This variety is available from the Month of 20th May to 20th July.

This variety is produced in the province of Punjab. It is extremely sweet in taste and very delicious. Fresh, firm and fiber less, it is available after 15th June to the end of August.

Send Mangoes to Islamabad, Pakistan

Send mangoes to pakistan. FruitOye.pk gift shop present you very special Mango gift in summer for your friends & family. Send gift to Pakistan for UK,USA, Canada & from all over the world. FruitOye present you most elegant Mango gifts for you and your family.

Mango Tango Sentiments Express Delivery

Mango is the king of fruits and it applies mainly to Pakistan. As everybody loves mangoes in Pakistan. Therefore treated as the best summer gift from Allah. You could imagine the popularity and liking to know that no fruits are much in demand then mangoes. Pakistani mangoes are hot selling and high demand fruit all over the world. This is because of the great taste and quality. In summer due to the regular demand from our clients we proudly present the mango delivery to Pakistan. We can deliver mangoes to every corner of Pakistan. No matter which city or village you want to send mangoes to Pakistan.

Are you looking forward to sending mangoes to Pakistan?

You can send cheap mangoes to Pakistan with Express Gift Service. We help you send mangoes to Pakistan same day.

So don’t wait and place the order for the mango delivery in Pakistan and delight the friends and family. As the easy availability in major cities we can deliver mangoes same day in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Hyderabad and Jhelum. Therefore send mangoes to Pakistan this summer on any occasion or events. Mango delivery Pakistan is available for birthday, anniversary, eid, ramazan etc.

Aam Khayega Aam?

Mango delivery Pakistan:

Mango, member of the cashew family, one of the most important and widely cultivated fruits of the tropical world, considered indigenous to eastern Asia. Summer in Pakistan for foodies is synonymous with the mango season. In our country, different varieties of mangoes are grown, all hailed as delicacies. Some are meant to be eaten ripe, while others are best eaten when they’re green and raw. It is the most popular fresh fruit in the world and is a whole lot more than just a delicious, refreshing treat produced by nature. It is packed with tremendous health benefits as well like high in Fiber, vitamins, minerals, iron content with its anticancer and antioxidant properties.

Send Mangoes Gift delivery Pakistan:

You can make this special  Mango gift more exciting with some additional values that can make your Mango Gift delivery Pakistan more exclusive. So why not send delicious and testy export quality mangoes to your family member or love ones.

Mango is considered as one of the most loved gifts of hot blazing summers. Everyone love to send and receive Mangoes, the king of fruits delight, irrespective of the nature of the event. Whether you want to send best wishes to your love ones, congratulations gift, get well soon wishes , or just say happy summers with our fine variety of Chonsa of Multan, Anwar Rator and Sindhri mangoes. Express Gift Service offers free Mangoes online deliver all over Pakistan.

What are Pakistani mangoes called?

The ‘Chaunsa’ mango (Sindhi: چونسو‎, Punjabi: چونسا), also known as the ‘Chausa’, is a named mango cultivar that originated in Multan, Pakistan. It is called as King of mangoes in the world. Nowadays its production occurs in Pakistan and India.

What color mango is best?

For most mangos, the first stage of ripening involves getting nice and soft—think the same feel as a ripe avocado. Color: The mango will go from green to some shade of yellow/orange. The mango doesn’t have to be fully orange, but it should have mostly orange or yellow spots

How many types of mangoes are in Pakistan?

Among 1595 varieties of mangoes known, only 25 to 30 are being grown on commercial scale. The varieties of the king of the fruit are producing in Pakistan include Chaunsa, Sindhri, Langra, Dasehri, Anwar Ratool, Saroli, Samar Bahisht, Toota Pari, Fajri, Neelum, Alphanso, Almas, Sanwal, Surkha, Sunera and Desi.

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